Why hiring an Intern is good for everyone

Tips on how to make the internship opportunity a win win for all.   As an educator and marketer I am often asked about internships. I am a huge fan of internships for many reasons, mainly this is a great way for young professionals to get their feet wet in an industry or with a company.  […]

Sparking into Spring

Hey Y’all – I have missed you!  As tactical marketers, we don’t pick our marketing channels based on which way the wind blows, nor do we choose them by what looks shiny and pretty under the sun. The choice to invest time and efforts into email marketing has been one of those strategic marketing decisions […]

The last Spark of 2020

This year… in all its glory… is almost over! And what a ride it has been. I, for one, have felt a bit car sick, sea sick, and motion sick several times this year. The pace, the uncertainty, the pivots… the blessings, the joy, the gifts. Many of us have struggled with one thing or another […]


Attitude of Gratitude

A few years ago, I was part of a team that was asked to participate in a professional development program. We called it our growth quad. It was all about growing as a team both personally and professionally. One of the modules was on gratitude. It challenged us to make a daily journal entry of 30 […]

4 Sparking Weeks for Marion Cares

Marion Cares

Well, we are in our last month of the 50 weeks of giving campaign. That’s right – next month I turn 50. To honor of my last month in my 40’s, we will be celebrating Marion Cares: an organization that, like the others featured this year, is near and dear to my heart.    I not only […]

What the what 2020?

August Spark

Many of us were just getting into a new groove in the “new normal”, (if you want to call it that), and BOOM – a HURRICANE in the Midwest. It was an hour of intense weather that changed lives. Nearly every home in Marion and Cedar Rapids sustained some sort of damage. Everyone on the spark team were impacted. […]

In AWE of 2020!

John O'leary In Awe

New month new book. As many of you know, I have been on this book a month journey for a while and never have I needed a book more than this one at this time. (Other than the Bible of course) I just needed a pick me up. The last severe months have weighed on […]

Nelson Named Assistant Professor of Business at Mount Mercy

Christa Nelson named Assistant Professor of Business

Marion, Iowa – Epiphany, a Corridor public relations and marketing firm, announced today that Christa Nelson has been named Assistant Professor of Business at Mount Mercy University. She will be teaching Marketing and Business Courses in the fall as a part of the core requirement courses in their Bachelor of Business and Marketing program. “Go […]

4 Sparking Weeks for ATN

Well, we did it. We made it through half of 2020. It has been one epic year so far. As we head into the summer, we are nearly three quarters of the way through our 50 weeks giving campaign. In May, we spent the month giving back to our community. We volunteered services to nonprofits and small businesses in an […]