4 Sparking Weeks for ATN


Well, we did it. We made it through half of 2020. It has been one epic year so far. As we head into the summer, we are nearly three quarters of the way through our 50 weeks giving campaign. In May, we spent the month giving back to our community. We volunteered services to nonprofits and small businesses in an effort to spread the love during the virus. We can’t wait to get out and give free hugs again. For the month of June, we are donating four weeks to a nonprofit that is near and dear to my heart. The Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN) has survived, evolved, and ultimately thrived these past 25 years. We are excited to help kick off their campaign to celebrate their 25th Anniversary with our 4 weeks campaign. 

I have been working with ATN in some capacity for nearly two decades now. This organization is led by some of the most resilient women I know. The organization is truly a family affair. As you will see and learn through out this month, everyone chips in to help with the work in some way. They all inspire me each and every day, and we hope through what we share, you will learn why this work of the heart is so important. While they are personally dealing with their own trauma impacted lives, they care so much about others that they are willing to do this important work. They are what I call HOT (a new term I learned during an online Easter service I attended)  –  Humble – Open – Transparent which is why ATN can so successfully help so many. You can’t do this trauma work if it isn’t from the heart! But don’t just take my word for it – check them out. 

As per our other months dedicated to organizations we have been showcasing, we will share information on our channels this month with clear calls to action on how you can help touch trauma at its heart. (TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram). We hope you will accept the call to like, share, and help us amplify their voice by supporting their mission. 

At the Attachment & Trauma Network, it is their mission to promote healing of children impacted by trauma through supporting their families, schools, and communities.

  • They believe that children impacted by trauma and those with attachment disorders can heal.
  • They believe that parents, who are supported and taught therapeutic parenting, are the best healing agents of their traumatized child.
  • They believe that children impacted by trauma need trauma-informed, attachment-focused therapies.
  • They believe that all children learn best in trauma-sensitive schools where strategies are in place to help the children and adults feel safe, stay regulated, get connected, and not be re-traumatized or triggered. 
  • They believe trauma-informing schools empower trauma-responsive educators.
  • They believe that providing resources to the families from the start (once a traumatized child has been identified) is the best way to minimize crises and reduce disruptions and potential “re-homing”.
  • They believe that ongoing parent-to-parent support is critical in arming the families with strategies, tools, and strength to persevere daily.
  • They believe that “touching trauma at its heart” is more than a tagline: it’s a healing mission.   

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the message from Julie Beem and Laura Dennis below. For more more ways to support or become a part of the ATN Family, watch our social channels this month, or visit their website. If you are feeling compelled to help financially, you can donate to ATNby visiting this link. Your gifts will enable them to work towards ending the silence around childhood trauma through empowering trauma-informed families, schools and communities. No gift is too small in this important work. Together we can help heal traumatized hearts!

Join us in supporting ATN. On a personal note, I pray this email finds you all well.  You are not alone. You matter. Please reach out if you need someone to listen or if there is anything I can do to help! 

With Love and admiration,
Your Epiphany Spark Team Leader

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