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Strategic Marketing Partner

We specialize in both strategic and tactical marketing, leveraging our extensive experience across the entire marketing spectrum, from traditional to digital and beyond. Our goal is to help you define and amplify your brand voice to reach your SuperFans.

Fractional CMO

Expand your brain trust and elevate your C-suite with Epiphany's Fractional CMO services. Leverage decades of industry experience at a fraction of the cost, providing strategic leadership and expert guidance to drive your marketing initiatives.

Creative Team Builder

Enhance your marketing team with Epiphany's expert evaluations, professional development, and training. Collaborate with our hand-picked industry subject matter experts to create and produce impactful pieces that amplify your brand voice and efficiently achieve your goals.

You are unique & your marketing should be too.

Each of us has gifts to bring. Ours is the gift of creativity. We specialize in helping businesses and nonprofits like yours grow big dreams through our strategic marketing services, Fractional CMO offerings, and Creative Team Building. On the site, you will find a sampling of our projects and details about the Spark Team Collaborative—a database of subject matter experts (SMEs) who are part of our collaborative team. You’ll also find a little ditty on me, your Spark Team leader.

We leverage our experience combined with industry trends to create effective marketing strategies tailored to you. Whether it’s strategic planning, fractional CMO leadership, or creative team building, each piece we do is designed with your comprehensive brand strategy in mind. We believe everyone deserves big-agency quality service, no matter the budget.

Let us know your big ideas, and we will help you spark something unique to you, your needs, and your budget. If you’re ready to grow and need strategic guidance, leadership, and a boost to your marketing team, let’s talk.


Meet Your Spark Team

We ignite creativity. Strategic Marketing is our passion. We love helping individuals, companies, and nonprofits with all things marketing. Your power-packed team, led by Christa Nelson (who doubles as a professor), is a thought leader with over 25 years of experience providing strategic marketing, Fractional CMO services, and creative team building. As a gifted encourager, she is a natural brand influencer helping firms of all sizes grow big dreams. Christa’s superpowers include Strategic Planning, Development, Communication, Organization, and Adaptability. Her Real Color capes are Orange, Blue, and Gold.

At Epiphany, we embrace a team-building and collaborative approach. We believe working closely with your team and other SME partners allows us to achieve optimal results.  See our Collaborative Team

We celebrate everyone’s gifts and talents and greatly admire those who use their skills for good! We want to be the spark that helps you ignite your passions and achieve your goals.

Join the team!


The Spark

Stay in the loop with your spark team and featured marketing trends. 

Epiphany Announcement
a spark
Christa Nelson, MBA

Change is good!

To my clients, friends, spark team, fellow creators, and supporters, I hope this letter finds you well. If you had told me in January 2000 that 25 years

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Your brand promise deserves a comprehensive, holistic marketing approach. How can we help be the creative spark you need to achieve your goals? Send us a note and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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