Change is good!

Epiphany Announcement

To my clients, friends, spark team, fellow creators, and supporters,

I hope this letter finds you well.

If you had told me in January 2000 that 25 years later I would still be learning, growing, and creating with people I enjoy in a job that I love, I would never have believed you. Marketing has evolved so much since Julie Beem and I started The Epiphany Group, Inc. By Martin Luther King Day that first year, we had already signed 17 clients and exceeded our expectations. Twenty-five years later, I am grateful to have a beautiful client list and more work than I can handle.

We began with proposals, design, collateral pieces, and presentations for engineering and architectural clients. Over the years, we adapted to technology, databases, websites, postcard mailers, email marketing, and those innovative electronic brochures on CDs. We survived by pivoting with the times, navigating through life, economic shifts, epic floods, a pandemic, and even an inland hurricane. Today, our client base includes financial advisors, banks, thrift store managers, hair salons, internet service providers, supermodels, race car drivers, authors, motivational speakers, educational institutions, professional service providers, nonprofits making the world a better place, and more. I have learned from each of you, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Epiphany will continue to be your creative spark. Moving forward, I will focus on the areas where I excel and provide the most value: strategic planning, fractional CMO services, art direction, and project management. My creative team will handle all deliverables.

One of my gifts is collaboration. It has been a dream to create an atmosphere at Epiphany where I empower my creatives to grow their own businesses. From now on, instead of being the center for all billing and invoicing, each of my collaborators—your subject matter experts—will bill you directly. They will price projects and invoice you per your new agreement with them.

I will reach out to each of you individually to discuss your transition and ensure your immediate needs are covered. If we are mid-project, I assure you we will finish together and then transition smoothly. I will also make formal introductions to those taking over your long-term projects if you haven’t met them already.

It is time for me to semi-retire. I would like to retire from being all things to all people and focus on being the person you can rely on to help grow your business, pivot, and reach your goals in the most efficient, effective, and strategic way possible.

Our website will be updated soon to provide a clearer picture of the services I and your Spark team collaborators will be offering. I am still here for your late-night texts about all things important to you. If you are ready to grow, pivot, or need someone to lead, train, and empower your team, let’s talk. I have availability this summer and would love to discuss how we can achieve your goals and spark something new together. With much love and gratitude, I thank you for all we have accomplished together over the last quarter of a century and for all we will do in the years to come.

With all my love and admiration,

christa sig web

Your Epiphany Spark Team Leader

Let’s Talk...

Schedule a call or meeting 

Please reach out to schedule a meeting, call or walking meeting and I will bring my Barketing Assistant to join us.  I look forward to chatting wit you.  

Epiphany's Barketing Intern

Questions or Concerns? 

In an effort to be proactively transparent and address any concerns you may have, I have created a list of possible questions and answers.

**1. Continuity and Quality of Service:**

*Will the transition affect the quality and consistency of the services I receive? How will the new team members ensure they understand my business and needs as well as you do?*

Most of these professionals you have worked with before, and if not, I have worked with them for years, some for decades. They will have all the information they need to hit the ground running, and I will be available to support them as needed.

**2. Communication and Coordination:**

*How will communication be managed during and after the transition? Who will be my primary point of contact, and how will project coordination be handled?*

During the transition, I will be your primary contact. Moving forward, each professional will be your primary contact based on their expertise and project needs. We will ensure all necessary parties are kept in the loop to ensure a smooth transition.

**3. Billing and Costs:**

*Will there be changes in the pricing structure or how invoices are managed? How will billing be handled by the new collaborators, and will there be any unexpected costs?*

Each professional has their own pricing structure, but if you prepaid for services, they will be honored through your expiration date. The rates will be comparable to our current billing rate. Projects will be priced as needed, so you will have full control and knowledge of the costs. Each professional will bill and you will pay them directly, with clear communication of their billing expectations.

**4. Transition Timeline:**

*What is the timeline for the transition, and how will ongoing projects be affected? Will there be a period of overlap to ensure a smooth handover?*

All open projects will be completed before the full transition. I aim to complete all transitions by the end of August 2024, with the latest by the end of the year. I will be available as needed during this period and will continue to help with future strategies.

**5. Expertise and Trust:**

*Can I trust the new team members to have the same level of expertise and dedication? Will they have the same understanding of my brand and market?*

You can trust them. Many of you have already met several team members on projects. They share my values, passion, and dedication. They will represent you and your brand as an extension of your team, and you will continue to own any materials created on your behalf.

**6. Strategic Direction:**

*How will the strategic direction of my marketing efforts be maintained? Will the new structure support my long-term goals effectively?*

This is my specialty, and I will continue to be available for strategic planning. I will bill accordingly for my time, and we can reevaluate your needs as they arise.

**7. Availability and Support:**

*Will you still be available for consultations or urgent issues? How often will we be able to communicate with you directly?*

Yes, I will still be available as needed. You can continue to communicate with me as you have been.

**8. Performance Metrics:**

*How will success be measured with the new team, and will there be regular updates and reports on progress?*

I will be available to assist with this as well. With open communication, we can navigate any challenges that arise. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

**9. Hosting Packages and Products:**

*What about my hosting package and products I have with you with GoDaddy and EpiphanyVIP?*

They are yours. You own them. Bill has access to your accounts and will continue to monitor your sites and accounts for you. He is always available to help troubleshoot. There is nothing for you to do here. We will keep these products intact for now.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, would like to work on strategy, or just want to chat.