Change is good!

Epiphany Announcement

To my clients, friends, spark team, fellow creators, and supporters, I hope this letter finds you well. If you had told me in January 2000 that 25 years later I would still be learning, growing, and creating with people I enjoy in a job that I love, I would never have believed you. Marketing has evolved so much since […]

New town, new store, new look

Home grown pets Marion Iowa

Just before Thanksgiving a power couple approached me for assistance in launching their new store in town. They knew how to set up and run a pet store, but needed assistance getting the word out. We spoke about their need for social media, public relations and digital marketing to start. In getting to know them […]

Out With the Old – In With the New!

new years resolutions

At the start of the new year, many decide it is the perfect place to reinvent themselves. Flip the calendar and flip the bad habits you fell into during the past year. New Year’s resolutions are so popular that many industries know that they will make the bulk of their profits for the entire year […]

Are you a “checklist” Marketer?

Check List Marketing

I recently took the Real Colors personality test through the Marion Leadership in Action program. I found the test to be quite accurate and very enlightening. (If you have not had the opportunity to find out your “real colors”, I would encourage you to do so.) Through the process of taking the Real Colors test, […]