Are you a “checklist” Marketer?

Check List Marketing

I recently took the Real Colors personality test through the Marion Leadership in Action program. I found the test to be quite accurate and very enlightening. (If you have not had the opportunity to find out your “real colors”, I would encourage you to do so.) Through the process of taking the Real Colors test, I learned that golds have a tendency to do a checklist. Golds actually find checking things off their list to be rewarding and motivating. Checklists are a great way to stay organized and on-task. I use them all the time especially when I am grocery shopping to help me stay on budget and only purchase what we need.

In a recent article published in Hartford Business Journal, Seven management benefits of using a checklist, author Andy Singer defines checklists as “simply a standardized list of the required steps developed for a repetitive task.” He successfully presents examples of where using the to-do list method has been proven to; save time, increase productivity and efficiency, serve as motivation and even save lives. His point #4 is my favorite and I believe the most important in that it show where using this proven method can increase brain power make room for real creativity, which is where I like to live.

“Checklists allow you to master the repetitive tasks and utilize more brain power for creative activities. Since the checklist means fewer fire drills and less stress, you not only have more time to be creative, you have the ability to think more clearly.”

What is checklist marketing?

Checklist marketing is looking at what everyone else is doing and saying “well this is cool, so we must doing it.” Facebook √ Twitter √ Pinterest √ Snapchat √ Website √ Video √ Brochure √ etc. etc. etc. The list could go on and on. When in actuality some of these activities might be pointless for your organization and strategic marketing goals to reach customers.

Marketing, when done correctly, is not a repetitive task – it should always be done with forethought and overall goals in mind. If you cannot answer at least WHY to the task – then my guess is it is not worth doing. Making a marketing checklist, based on the hottest trends and technologies just because they are shiny and new will prove to be a big waste of time, energy and effort.

Because marketers often find themselves wearing several hats and running around putting out fires, they can easily fall prey to what I like to call “Checklist Marketing”. Because of their impressive checklist of accomplishments, on the surface the marketer may appear to be more productive in the time allowed with far less resources, yet may not actually be meeting or exceeding any of their strategic goals.

How to avoid checklist marketing.

I propose doing a mini SWOT analysis before you decide to do any marketing activity at all. Now this may seem like a big waste of money, effort and time but in actuality, it will prove to be a big time saver in the long run. I realize some decisions are time sensitive and need a quick response. If your WHY is not in line with your overall strategic marketing goals then I would say the answer is NO.

Unfortunately, this does mean going back and looking at the things you are currently doing, asking WHY. If something is not in-line with your strategy, deactivating those accounts will free up your time and efforts for true activities that will meet your goals and ultimately increase your bottom line.