Customer Service is the NEW Marketing!

Hug Your Haters

Everyone says they provide excellent customer service, but studies show that this is actually a pipe dream most companies have. Customer service has actually become a rare practice and exceptional customer service is almost unheard of. To change that, companies must recognize that customer service is everyone’s job and that it has become the new marketing.

I recently heard Jay Baer, author of “Hug Your Haters” speak on this hot topic. He said that “Customer Service is a spectator sport, people love watching it unfold.” In his presentation, he explained the change in customer expectations from private to public and how to address both the onstage and offstage customer interactions. His book, “Hug Your Haters,” is described as the “first-ever customer service book for modern times.” I would highly recommend this great read if you are looking to step up your customer service game and take your marketing to the next level.

Below are a few key takeaways from the Jay’s presentation & book:

  • Answering complaints increases customer advocacy.
  • Haters are not the problem ignoring them is.
  • Answer every customer, every time, on every channel.
  • The customer is not always right but they do deserve the right to be heard.
  • Call centers are endangered. Customers want authentic experiences.
  • Solving customers’ problems will create loyalty and increase revenue.
  • Haters are the most important customers, because they are showing us where we can improve.
  • Stop blaming the customers – if they had a bad experience it is not their fault – it is likely our fault.
  • Do what your competition won’t. Find a way to turn the complaints into improvements for everyone.


If you need help with training your staff, your customer service strategy or you just want to chat about where you currently are in your efforts let me know.