Are you sending mixed signals?

Multi-Channel Marketing

This past weekend our family wanted to go for an ice cream run after enjoying an afternoon in the sun. We checked online to be sure a local creamery near us was open. Their Facebook page, Google listing, and website all indicated OPEN. We even called, just to be sure. There was no answer or […]

Live or Die by the Online Reviews.

Live or Die by Online Reviews

Since we are all still feeling the affects of March Madness, at least at our house, I thought it would be OK if I reference a saying we in the basketball world hear a lot. “Live or Die by the three.” Typically it is associated with teams who live and die by the three pointer, […]

Personal Social Media & Professional Social Presence

Personal v Professional Social Media Presence

I recently presented at 1 Mil Cups about Epiphany, encouraging and empowering fellow entrepreneurs on their journey. 1 Million Cups events are organized by more than 800 volunteers in 40+ states, one U.S. territory and six time zones, including Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I have had the pleasure of presenting at both locations. I […]

E-Marketing: From Fad to Necessity


Website, Social Media, and E-Marketing – OH MY! As technology evolves – fads come and go; marketers have the challenge of finding ways to communicate their message while trying to stay with what is hot. Just like fashion trends, there are some fads we want to see revived and popular again and others like fax […]

Customer Service is the NEW Marketing!

Hug Your Haters

Everyone says they provide excellent customer service, but studies show that this is actually a pipe dream most companies have. Customer service has actually become a rare practice and exceptional customer service is almost unheard of. To change that, companies must recognize that customer service is everyone’s job and that it has become the new […]