E-Marketing: From Fad to Necessity


Website, Social Media, and E-Marketing – OH MY! As technology evolves – fads come and go; marketers have the challenge of finding ways to communicate their message while trying to stay with what is hot. Just like fashion trends, there are some fads we want to see revived and popular again and others like fax machines and robo-calls we would love to never see again.  Marketers know that having a nicely designed website is standard practice, that having a social media presence is not a luxury anymore, and having a blog is just smart. So, what fads have we seen in the past that are making a comeback? Email marketing was an extremely popular tool and embraced by many, abused by few, and then put on the poo poo list. People were worried about being considered spammers, so they went away from using the tool to avoid getting on the naughty list. Today, it has made a comeback and I feel, when done right, is a necessity to a successful digital marketing campaign.

Why use E-Marketing?

Let’s face it, everyone is communicating via email, we get it on our computers, phones, and now watches. The world is moving at a high rate of speed and information is right at our fingertips – literally a click away. Email is interactive, cost-effective, efficient and quick. It allows a business to communicate their message and connect with the masses or a segmented group. It can and should be branded, timely, and visually appealing. The use of email marketing will help cultivate and expand client relationships and when done correctly can provide a competitive advantage over others in your industry.

Keep in mind, because of the fact, businesses are using it for everything it is increasingly more difficult to be “heard above the noise.” One of the biggest disadvantages to e-marketing is information overload. When you create your message be sure is it concise and consistent. The message should be in line with the DNA of your firm and set you apart from other communications they receive. People want the advantage of the information at their fingertips and if they cannot find it, because it is muddled by ads or just a flood of too much information they will not read it.

E-Marketing Tips:

  • Establish an accurate and receptive list – if you are getting a ton of bounces or people are reporting you as spam, all the work you have done on making your message perfect will be a waste of time.
  • Don’t be a spammer, have a way for people to sign up, but also unsubscribe from your list if they are just not interested anymore.
  • Set up an editorial calendar for your e-blasts; including content, frequency, and timing so you stay relevant to your readership.
  • Create segmented lists so that you can circulate a more targeted message. Everyone wants to read content that they can relate to.
  • Have an engaging and compelling subject line that draws your audience to open the email.
  • Don’t make lengthy text dissertations – they are not popular – get to the point and use lots of pictures – we are a visual species – be authentic and accurate.
  • Have content related graphics and visuals that will draw your readers in.
  • Proof read your e-blast before it goes out! It is important to remember, that even though electronic communication is fast and inexpensive, the information you are providing is valuable. Carefully review the generated content, like any other marketing piece.
  • Call your readers to action – now that you have their attention, drive them to your website, social media site, events, or contact form.
  • Track your results and make adjustments to better serve your audience and get more return on your investment.

We claim to be, and desire to be, client-centric organizations, yet many have not invested into the systems, software and/or efforts to prove that. Digital marketing tools, while opening up a world of possibilities for increasing client-centric marketing communications, still rely on strong marketing strategy. Be creative, strategically determining your target audiences, and wisely use well-written relevant content and timely innovative graphics. Just like a quality engineering design or a well written brief, the basics of good marketing never changes, regardless of the technology. Don’t let digital marketing be a “lion, tiger, or bear-oh my” moment. Give us a ring; or stop by the office. we would love to discuss how you could make them work for you.