4 Sparking Weeks for ATN

Well, we did it. We made it through half of 2020. It has been one epic year so far. As we head into the summer, we are nearly three quarters of the way through our 50 weeks giving campaign. In May, we spent the month giving back to our community. We volunteered services to nonprofits and small businesses in an […]

Laura Dennis on the Attachment and Trauma Network

One river gives Its journey to the next. -Alberto Ríos “When Giving is All We Have” Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. What other time of year asks nothing of a person except catching up with loved ones while eating ginormous amounts of food? If, however, you are raising a child who has suffered early childhood […]

4 Sparking Weeks for House of Hope

At the end of March we will be nearly halfway through our 50 weeks giving campaign in honor of my 50th birthday! March is dedicated to the House of Hope in Cedar Rapids. Throughout this month we will share information about the House in hopes that it will inspire you to like and follow them on social […]