4 Sparking Weeks for House of Hope

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At the end of March we will be nearly halfway through our 50 weeks giving campaign in honor of my 50th birthday! March is dedicated to the House of Hope in Cedar Rapids. Throughout this month we will share information about the House in hopes that it will inspire you to like and follow them on social media, engage with and share their information, volunteer if you feel led to, take a class, and/or donate to the cause. Please check out our social media this month for special HOH content (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram). We hope you will like, share, and help us amplify their voice. 

Why we love the House of Hope… Aside from my personal connection to the house and what their classes, support groups and therapy have done for me and my loved ones, they are making a safe place for all to grow. I have and and will continue to personally attest to the authenticity of the House of Hope’s mission to encourage, equip, and empower women to live fully through classes, community, housing, and therapy.

There is no typical woman served by House of Hope. They serve every woman in every season of life. They practice community and cultivate a heart of inclusivity with no us and them. They reach out and invite in. They release Jesus to move through them beyond their preferences and comfort zones. They trust Jesus in each other, assuming the best of one another.

They practice authenticity. They give each other permission to be in process. They accept and celebrate who God made them to be, and let Him define their identity and value. Candid and direct is a way of life.

I for one believe that this work is SO IMPORTANT, because when the women of the house are in a good place, taken care of their heart condition and done the hard soul keeping work, it trickles down into the family and all those they touch. It makes them better caretakers, mothers, wifes, sisters, daughters and friends.  

For more information about House of Hope, classes, support groups, therapy and housing options visit their website

A big part of helping a nonprofit is assisting in fundraising.  Many want to know what the funds go to and how they are used. The funds you generously give to support the House of Hope help them make a difference in the lives of the women and children they serve. Consider donating one-time or contribute on a recurring basis to their general or scholarship fund.  You can join their Give the Gift of Hope giving campaign or their upcoming Carriage House Capital Campaign. House of Hope is a 501c3, and all donations made through their website are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You can also purchase through their AmazonSmile program or at Stuff Etc. For more details on ways you can contribute to House of Hope click here.

Another big part of helping a nonprofit is through awareness, volunteering,or signing up to attend classesVisit their website and connect with the House for ways you can help. Like, share and follow them on social (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)  – invite your friends to like and follow them on social. 

Join us in supporting the House of Hope encourage, equip, and empower women!