4 Sparking Weeks for the Marion Public Library

Why we love the Marion Public Library...  Their mission is to ignite possibilities. Their vision is to be the spark that lights the way for the imagination, growth and education of our community.

As March comes to a close and we spring into the second half of our 50 weeks giving campaign, we are super excited to share with you our April non profit.  This giving campaign has been an amazing ride so far and even in these uncertain times, we plan to persist per a new usual.  I am sure you have been bombarded with information by now.  With the resources and information coming in at a rate that may feel like we are drinking from a firehose, it’s important to remember to stay calm and breathe. With the mandatory slow down you may find yourself with time to read that book you have had in your wish list, or maybe you have been wanting to take an online class or improve your skills in a specific area.  Maybe you need to do some additional research for a project. Well lucky for you April is fittingly, dedicated to the Marion Public Library (MPL) and they have the resources to help you accomplish all that and more. Throughout this month we will share information about the Library in hopes that it will inspire you to like and follow them on social media, engage with and share their information, and even volunteer, when it’s safe to do so! It is our hope that you will become a friend of the library and help us amplify their voice. The library is a place where all have a place to belong and that is why we are MPL super fans – because we NEED libraries –  no joke! The Marion Public Library is currently closed due to the quarantine, but is still offering many of their services online. Please check out our social media this month for special MPL content (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram). We hope you will accept the call to like, share, and help us amplify their voice by supporting their mission. 

Why we love the Marion Public Library…  Their mission is to ignite possibilities. Their vision is to be the spark that lights the way for the imagination, growth and education of our community. And you know how we love to spark! Not only does the Library offer a vast collection of books, movies, and music both physical and digital, the Library is also a hub for community events and charity work. Many events are held for the children of the community, such as story time, Pathfinder Club for kids a little older, and more. But their events aren’t just limited to the kids – there are plenty of fun adult hangout sessions hosted by the Library. This is a place for everyone, and where everyone is welcome.  Great work which takes place at the library on a regular basis includes serving as a distribution site for the HACAP mobile food pantry, leading the charge on the Homeless Response Task Team, which includes being an outreach service site for Willis Dady, hosting congregate senior meals twice each week, and that is just to name just a few amazing things that happen at the library day in and day out. 

For more information about why libraries and how they help your community grow and thrive, here’s a little ditty I wrote on the resources I find helpful for my work.

Did you know the Friends of the Marion Public Library supports the Dolly Parton Imagination Library? The Dolly Parton Imagination Library is an international nonprofit serving the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the Republic of Ireland. As an affiliate of the program, the Friends of the Marion Public Library help to fund the gift of books for Marion kids ages 0-5. These books are mailed to kids at their home each month for the entire time they are enrolled in the program. This program is open to all kids ages 0-5 who live in the 52302 zip code. Remember getting mail as a kid and how special it was? And this is not just mail, it is a book to read to help ignite that love for literacy and lifelong learning. It does not get much better than that! Dolly Parton herself is now reading books on video for children on her website. This program is about dreams and fulfilling them, and one if the best ways to gift a child – or even a grown person – a dream is to give them a book.

For more information about the Dolly Parton Imagination Library or to donate, click here.

Join us in supporting the Marion Public Library and its Friends to build and grow and thrive in your community!  I pray this email finds you all well.  You are not alone. Please reach out if there is anything I can do to help! 

With Love and admiration,

Your Epiphany Spark Team Leader

You have been hacked!

April Fools from MPL! Social Hack – video from our friend Hollie. 

A little ditty…

Starting April 2nd at 6 pm Dolly will read bedtime stories to kiddos. 
Click the Dolly video above for more information.