Honey Where’s My Supersuit?

super mom

What a wild ride the first half of our 50 weeks giving campaign has been. We have participated in countless acts of kindness and giving back campaigns.  We had a blast and celebrated 4 sparking weeks with the National Resilience Institute, House of Hope, and the Marion Public Library so far.  We still have 4 weeks with the Attachment and Trauma Network and Marion Cares coming […]

4 Sparking Weeks for the Marion Public Library

Why we love the Marion Public Library...  Their mission is to ignite possibilities. Their vision is to be the spark that lights the way for the imagination, growth and education of our community.

As March comes to a close and we spring into the second half of our 50 weeks giving campaign, we are super excited to share with you our April non profit.  This giving campaign has been an amazing ride so far and even in these uncertain times, we plan to persist per a new usual.  I […]

Kicking of #50SparkingWeeks

50 Weeks for Christa's 50th!

As I approach my 49th birthday and begin to wrap up my 40’s – I am looking even closer towards what my legacy will be. I wanted to do something special leading up to and to celebrate my 50th birthday. I mean, all birthdays are worth celebrating, but come on, half a century deserves something […]