5 Valuable Tips to Content Marketing

Content marketing

Everyone thinks the key to great content marketing is writing. While this is true, you have to be able to eloquently deliver a clear and concise message using the native language of your users. But who are your users? Most people just guess or go with their gut. To be truly successful at content marketing you have to not only give your content the appropriate voice, but also collect data and act on it. If your audience is reading at a 6th grade level, your collegiate level content will literally be lost in translation.

Here are 5 valuable tips to consider regarding content marketing:

  1. Connect with your readers. People are passionate beings by nature and want to support and get behind something. Clearly communicate your story and define your ‘why’ so you can start creating t-shirt wearing, tattoo getting super fans. Plus, having a clearly defined content goal will help enhance your overall marketing efforts.
  2. More is not always better. Be sure you have quality content that clearly communicates to your readers. Less is not always more… so find the fine line between content for the sake of words on a page and relevant information. Being consistent doesn’t equate to being repetitive. The users should be able to quickly extract your message and should not have to hunt and peck through a barrage of words on a page to get the point.
  3. Don’t get so creative with your content that you lose the traffic. If people have no idea what you are talking about they won’t know what words to use to find you when searching the web. Use your data to keep your content relevant to the larger audience.
  4. Make the funnel easy to follow. Use your content to drive the audience to your desired call to action. Use relationships, collaborations and partnering with others who are connected with your desired audience to help deliver the perfect visitor to your site.  This strategic approach will ultimately increase your conversion rate.
  5. Leverage your experiences and your viewers experiences as competitive advantage. What you know, how and why you know it are valuable – it literally makes you the authority. What your client’s experiences were with you says way more about you than your own words. Leverage that unique and personal experience to your advantage. Use the good and the bad and learn from it.

If you have a love-hate relationship with content marketing and want to give your valuable audience a voice, then you have to be more strategic and purposeful.  Remember, just because your clients are college graduates doesn’t mean they are educated in your area of expertise. We would love to help you spark something new with your content marketing efforts.