Active Listening – Do you have your listening ears on?

tips to hear from your customers

I was a very busy kid and because of this, I often didn’t “hear” my parents’ instructions. My dad was always saying to me “Do you have your listening ears on?” It was a tricky little question that always caused me to pause. I obviously still had ears, but was I using them for what […]

Content Marketing – What sparks your interest?

customer surveys

In the weekly email I receive from Orbit Media Studios, Andy Crestodina inspired me to do some original research and gather some data. He said that 90% of marketers say it works but only 47% of marketers do it… I want to be in that 47%. So we would love to get your feedback on […]

5 Valuable Tips to Content Marketing

Content marketing

Everyone thinks the key to great content marketing is writing. While this is true, you have to be able to eloquently deliver a clear and concise message using the native language of your users. But who are your users? Most people just guess or go with their gut. To be truly successful at content marketing […]