Epiphany Featured in #smallbizsalute by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate

Iowa secretary of state featured Epiphany

Today’s #smallbizsalute goes to Epiphany, a full-range marketing company owned by Christa Nelson and Anna Patty in Marion, Iowa. Epiphany opened January 1st, 2018 and just recently had their grand opening and ribbon cutting on May 25th. The two combined have 30 years of marketing experience and offer services such as strategic planning and fundraising, digital marketing, and social media relations.

Christa and Anna’s initial motivation to become entrepreneurs was the idea of helping companies and nonprofits think outside of the box. They also work towards being an inspiration to other women and girls who want to balance being professionals and a family life. Christa explains her deeper inspiration of leading Epiphany, “We are legacy building. We want to be examples that you can work a job you love and are passionate about and still support your families. Follow your passion — don’t settle — do what you love — make a little money doing it —you get one life to make a difference.”

Anna further explains their mission to pave the way for female businesswomen and entrepreneurs. “Our hearts’ desire has always been to help others reach those goals and navigate the hurdles more gracefully. So, along with your traditional marketing efforts, we actively seek other women-owned businesses and women-run nonprofits as clients.”

Christa explains the meaning and inspiration behind the company name, “The definition of Epiphany is a sudden manifestation or meaning of something. Epiphany was not a sudden manifestation, but rather a dream that I had for years. The timing was right and Epiphany became the vehicle for us to use the gifts we have been given to help others spark their next big thing. We are passionate about marketing and helping others achieve success.” Epiphany runs on a mission to spark creativity for companies and nonprofits to help them achieve their goals and tell their story. That is why they dedicate themselves to create unique and comprehensive approach for every client.

As a brand new company who just had their grand opening, there are sure to be learning moments and obstacles. However, through her many years of experience, Christa gives advice to others who are looking to run their own business by saying, “You have to have white space built into your week. You can’t just work all the time. You have to schedule downtime. If you don’t, you will burn out and be no good to anyone. Take time to enjoy all the amazing work and life moments. You can’t get this time back. Slow down and enjoy it.”

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