Sueppel joins Team Epiphany 2020 Summer Intern Program.


Marion, Iowa – Epiphany, a Corridor public relations and marketing firm, announced today they have launched a Summer Intern Program, and are growing their team with the addition of Michael Sueppel as one of their summer marketing interns.

“As an educator and marketer, I am a firm believer in the internship opportunity, it gives students and aspiring professionals a chance to test the waters so to speak.” Says owner Christa Nelson. “I am excited about having Michael and the other interns on board this summer.” 

Michael was born and raised in Iowa, growing up in Williamsburg and Iowa City. After spending most of his childhood in Iowa City, Michael made the tough decision to leave the Iowa Hawkeye hometown to study at Iowa State University for his college career. For two years he studied Computer Engineering before making the switch to Management Information Systems in the College of Business. Michael is now on track to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in MIS this fall. This summer internship program is a great opportunity for Michael who is eager to help out Eastern Iowa small businesses during this difficult time as well as getting valuable experience in his field of study.

Due to the pandemic, Michael was unsure how it would affect his search for a summer internship. “Although an internship is not required for my major, I need the experience of an internship like this to build up my resume and increase my chances of success in the future. It is my goal to help eastern Iowa small businesses better prepare themselves for the future by bringing their websites up to the expectations of modern e-commerce.”

As a part of the Summer Program, Michael and the other interns have been partnered with nonprofits and small businesses for the next 45-60 days. They will be immersed in their mission and help execute key marketing strategies based on the previously outlined learning objective. Epiphany will work with the institutions to ensure the interns get credit for their hard work. This is a paid internship, so they will also be compensated for their time. Nelson shared that it is a win-win for both the intern and the organization. This program is a part of 50 Sparking Weeks, a giving back campaign that started last October in celebration of owner Christa Nelson’s upcoming 50th birthday. As part of the campaign, Christa will be donating her time coaching and mentoring the interns through their objective this summer. This partnership allows the nonprofits and companies to get much-needed services at a discounted rate while providing a valuable hands-on learning experience for the interns.

Buresh Events is the only for-profit business in the summer intern program. Nelson, a strong proponent for local woman-owned businesses, wanted a way to assist a fellow business owner in light of the past several months. The event and wedding industry took a huge hit, and Buresh might be one of the only local businesses of their kind to survive the pandemic closure. Epiphany wanted to do something to help. “A responsive website is the cornerstone for many businesses anyway, but during social distancing and virtual business it has become essential; and I wanted Jayne to have everything she needed to succeed and continue to serve our great community!” said Nelson. “Partnering with Michael who needed experience building a website for his degree we felt this was the perfect way to help.”

“Buresh Events is honored and excited to work with Epiphany on this project, and to have an Iowa based college intern gain valuable marketing experience working with a very talented mentor (Christa) and her excellent community marketing business. This surely will be a win-win all the way around, we look forward to the new Buresh Events website and the value added effect it will have to our locally owned event business.” says Buresh Events owner Jayne. “Additionally, the new site will offer an ease of use for our clients. Christa is so talented, easy to work with, professional – great listener, she really connects with the structure of a small business” 

Since their launch in January 2018, Epiphany has quickly become the local marketing firm to watch. Team Epiphany has a keen interest in helping local companies and nonprofits achieve success. The power-packed team is led by Christa Nelson, a 2020 KCRG 9 Who Care Honoree, gifted encourager, and natural brand influencer, who is passionate about helping firms of all sizes grow big dreams.