“To Be or Not To Be.” LinkedIn – Take 1

LinkedIn Profile

I have this LinkedIn conversation regularly with so many professionals. I am very passionate about every professional person and aspiring professional including college students having a completed and active LinkedIn profile. I am so passionate about it I have been asked to give this presentation about being LinkedIn over a dozen times. It does not matter your industry, if you consider yourself a “professional” you need a LinkedIn page. If you are an organization, company, university, non-profit or cause, you need a LinkedIn presence.

What it is and why should we care?
LinkedIn is a social media site that is revolutionizing how we network and communicate with colleagues, clients and referral sources. It is a way to interact and build a two-way line of communication on a trusted platform in a professional way.

I already have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and the list goes on… where does this Social Media train stop?
Well that my friend is a very good question. Choosing which platform that is right for you and your company should be done carefully and strategically. The platforms should help meet your marketing goals and enhance your current efforts. But I can tell you unequivocally, LinkedIn is a MUST! No matter what you do, LinkedIn allows you to market and brand yourself, your company, your school and your cause. The relationships you create are directly related to the success of your business and company. People want to buy services from companies and people they know.

You do the math…

  • 1.23 Billion People on Facebook
  • 300 Million People on LinkedIn
  • 232 Million users on Twitter
  • 100 Million users on Instagram

Are you using the platforms correctly???

  • LinkedIn is for professional networking
  • Facebook helps you build your community
  • Twitter helps you keep and start conversations

Let’s face the LinkedIn facts

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network online today. It has over 300 million users and adds two new members a second. It reports having 187 million unique visitors a month. Rebecca Corliss, LinkedIn Expert at Hubspot said, “If you’re a business professional and don’t have a powerful LinkedIn presence, you are missing valuable opportunities.”

49% of the LinkedIn users are decision makers and are reported millionaires. The average age of a user is 41 years old and that person has 168 connections and 15 plus years of experience. If this is not your target audience, it is likely your ideal connection. LinkedIn is clearly the place to be.  I challenge you to go get LinkedIn.  If you already have a presence on LinkedIn, good job!  Find me on LinkedIn! I would love to connect!

Stay tuned for “To Be or Not To Be.” LinkedIn – Take 2 where I will expand on LinkedIn and provide tips to making a profile like a rock star.