Bookmark These Free Google Tools ASAP

Let us start this post off with some mind-blowing facts about search engines, specifically the emperor of them all, Google: Google reigns supreme when it comes to search engines, garnering roughly 90% of the worldwide search engine market share. That 90% equates to an estimated 2 trillion searches per year. In 2013, all Google services […]

The Scoop on SSLs

communication keys

SSL Certificates use to be recommended only for websites that collected sensitive personal information, passwords and credit cards, but we are recommending that all sites get an SSL certificate for the following reasons: It meas your site is more secure, not only for your site users, but for you. It means you will make Google […]

Google Alerts – a business development tool

Google alerts

A Google Alert is a free tool that allows the user (anyone with internet) to set up customized email alerts regarding specific search criteria. It is simple to use and easy to customize to your specific needs and notification level. For example:  I have alerts for myself, my company, specific industry phrases/topics, a select group […]