A quick tour of the marketing trends of 2019

Marketing Trends

As marketing experts, this is the time of year when we’re asked about trends – what are you seeing for this year, what’s hot? While we don’t have a magic crystal ball, we typically see a build up toward the most effective marketing strategies. Here are a few trending concepts to keep in mind when […]

The Gift of Knowledge – Brand Now Book Review

Brand Now Nick Westergaard Book Review

My friends and I like to play a fun little game from time to time. Periodically one friend sends an anonymous gift to another, then leaving the recipient to guess who the identity of their “Secret Santa.” It’s essentially a gratitude scavenger hunt of sorts. After the gift arrives, the receiver spends days trying to […]

“To Be or Not To Be.” LinkedIn – Take 2

fashion show

In my last post “To Be or Not To Be.” LinkedIn – Take 1, I started the conversation about being LinkedIn.  In this post I will help guide you into having a rock star LinkedIn presence and answer the most frequently asked questions when I am presenting on getting LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn? It is so […]