Epiphany is expanding.

Personal v Professional Social Media Presence

We are growing and expanding our office hours and locations. Starting early this summer team Epiphany will office out of MERGE in Iowa City a few times a month in addition to our Loft Co-working space in Marion. Let us know if you want to schedule a meeting at the location closest to you.

Are you sending mixed signals?

Multi-Channel Marketing

This past weekend our family wanted to go for an ice cream run after enjoying an afternoon in the sun. We checked online to be sure a local creamery near us was open. Their Facebook page, Google listing, and website all indicated OPEN. We even called, just to be sure. There was no answer or […]

Meet Revlis

Revlis Hansen

HI, I’M REVLIS YOUR SPARK TEAM EDITOR 01 A LITTLE DITTY Revlis Hansen is a Cedar Rapids native, having grown up among the City of Five Seasons and all of its quirks, bumps, and potholes. Because of this, they have also grown up with a love for all of its small businesses and its communities. Revlis […]